Those Along the Journey (Part 3)

I always knew that I was blessed with such an incredible mother but goodness, she was my rock through the whole process of my recovery. From the very moment she arrived at the scene of my accident to the moment I was released to come home, my mother was there every step of the way. I cannot even describe all that she did for me during my time in the hospital. Countless hours spent sleeping in a recliner during my trauma unit stay and then sleeping on the worst cot ever during my rehab stay. She was my own personal nurse who helped me up through the night, made sure my room was spotless, changed the sheets to my hospital bed, gave me showers, did my hair….the list goes on and on. I would not have made it through the whole process without her because she legit did it all. My mom and I have always been close but our time stuck in solitary confinement really helped us bond even more. We spent time talking, crying, laughing, and playing games. While it was the such a difficult time, I would not take it back for anything because it gave us so much time together.

Mom and I in the trauma unit

It was not all bad though, we had a lot of laughs. After being in the trauma unit for a few days and not being able to wash my hair, my mom decided to get creative. She got me up and into the wheelchair and wheeled me into the smallest bathroom ever. She got me as close into the shower as possible and then told me to lean my head back. The shower head was not one that came off the wall so she had to fill up a bucket and dump it onto my hair. While trying to accomplish this she ends up knocking me in the head and about knocks me out. I scream “mmmmoooottthhherrrrr” and she says “listen, I need you to cooperate”. As if I asked me to be knocked in the head. I responded with “I’m in a wheelchair mom, how could I not be cooperating??”. We both laughed so hard!! The rest of that story I am ban from telling, but just know that it was HILARIOUS. Man, it makes me laugh just thinking about it.

It was a lot on my mom to stay nearly a month in a hospital with me and put her job on hold and be away from my dad, but she did it without hesitation. My best friend Megan was the shining star who stepped in to stay the night with me to give my mom a break every week. Megan and I have been best friends since we were young but had drifted apart after I got married. We had been reconnecting and getting closer since I had been dating Tyler but I really think my accident brought us so much closer together. I truly cherish the gift that she is to me and I am so thankful for her. She slept in a recliner and cot just like mom and tended to my every need. After all the things she did for me while in the hospital she is bound to me for LIFE because those are secrets we will take to the grave!! She did things for me that not just anyone would do and she did it all without hesitation. Just like mom, we laughed and cried and played lots of games. Megan is a rare find in a friend and I am eternally thankful for her being there for me during one of the worst times of my life. She was there through it all with me and cheered me on through each milestone of progress I made. Oh and shout out to her husband David, as well, because he did not hesitate in taking care of the kids and allowing her to come help me anytime we needed.

There are so many people that loved on me and prayed for me during my time in the hospital and I have never felt more blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came by to see me, called/text, sent food/snacks and care packages, sent flowers, or even thought of me. My entire family and I are blessed to have so many amazing people who supported us during such a difficult time. All that was done for me did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I have the best family, friends, church family, and co-workers a girl could ever ask for, so thank you all!! You all will continue to learn about the people on the journey with me, including my INCREDIBLE dad in a few weeks. In the meantime, I want to catch you up on where I am at now and where I am headed. See you next week!!

To my mother,

I could never have dreamed up a better mother than the one that you are to me. You truly are my best friend and I could not make it through life without you. I know I don’t tell you enough how much I love you and how thankful I am for all that you do for me, but know that I am. You are the truest example of a mother and I am so blessed that you are mine. I hope that when I am fortunate enough to become a mother that I can be even a fraction of the mother that you are. Thank you for being my nurse and continuing to take care of me even now.

Love, Lauren

To Megan,

My “Meganista” and my “Juan”, I love you so much and I love our friendship. We are complete opposites but our bond is something I cherish. Thank you for always being there and doing the things for me during rehab that most people would have ran from. know…we don’t have to talk about it anymore. You are such an incredible mom to your girls and I am so glad the Lord blessed you with my mini-me. We all know that one of me in your life was just not enough. There are so many things that I can learn from you because I admire the woman that you are. I love you!

Love, Lauren

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