The Day the Clock Kept Ticking

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog-it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

James 4:14, NLT

Time…such a simple word but it’s meaning is something we take far too lightly. I know the Bible says that we are not promised tomorrow but do we honestly live that way? Anything can happen at any given moment that ends our lives, yet we live as though we have unlimited time. Well…perhaps I should not speak for everyone, but I know I have never lived as though each moment potentially could be my last. In the past year and a half or so, for sure, I have lived life completely in control of myself and my direction and completely busy with each moment of my day being planned out. My focus was all on me and the direction I wanted to go and I was running full speed ahead to my future without taking time out to even consider what God planned for me. There was no stopping me…until there was.

March 7th, 2019 was just like any other Thursday. I got up early, got dressed for work, and headed out for the office for a weekly meeting. I woke up stressed because I knew I had a busy day ahead and had a million papers to write for finals. About 10/15 minutes after leaving my home I came face-to-face with the end of my life. I remember coming around the curve onto this straight shot part of the road and seeing a car that was coming in the opposite direction drift over into my lane. At first, it appeared that the driver was attempting to pass the car in front of them and I remember thinking “oh my goodness, you do not have time for that!!!!!”. There were two cars in front of me and the gap was too small to pass. That was my last thought. I woke up roughly 45 minutes later and I was trapped inside of my car. I remember looking around and wondering what happened and being panicked because I thought my car was on fire. A lady was beside my car when I woke up and she was holding my hand. She was truly a blessing to me that day because she never left my side and assured me that I was alive and I was going to be okay. She told me that the driver of the car fell asleep at the wheel and hit the two cars in front of me before hitting me head on. I continued to look around at my car and at my body because I was hurting everywhere and was unsure of what was wrong with me. The inside of my car was completely destroyed and the steering wheel was practically in my lap. My leg hurt so bad but I couldn’t move it due to the steering wheel. My chest felt like someone lit me on fire and my face was stinging. I could see blood and I felt so nauseated.

What was left of my Toyota Corolla

At some point in the midst of going in and out of consciousness, a man approached my door and asked me if he could call someone for me. It was the Lord that I even remembered my parents phone numbers since I could barely stay awake. The man called my family and informed them of what happened since he said he witnessed the whole thing. He also called my parents once more when life-flight arrived to let them know what was going on. I don’t remember ever physically seeing this man, only hearing his voice, and my parents never seen or met him either. I’m not saying he wasn’t really there…but it gives me peace to just think of him as a guardian angel who was sent to watch over me. When my parents arrived, my mom walked up to my car door and to let me know that her and my dad were there. Just seeing my mom and my dad gave me so much peace. I was alive and they were there.

Firefighter and EMT’s working to remove me from the car.

The ambulance arrived as well as the fire department and I could hear what sounded like a hundred sirens. The EMT’s started an IV because I was trapped in the car and was in so much pain and then they informed me that due to the nature of the injuries they could see and the fact that I was not able to stay conscious that I would have to be life-flighted to a nearby trauma hospital. The fire department then let me know they were going to have to cut me out of the car because the doors were too messed up to open. They covered me with a white sheet to ensure that I would not get debris on me and then they used the jaws of life to pry open the car door. It took forever, or so it felt, and I promise you that noise will forever ring in my ears because it was so terrifying and all I wanted was out of the car.

The accident happened on the road with the ambulance, but the impact sent my car backwards and spun me onto the side road.

The doors to my car were so mangled that even the jaws of life could not get the driver door completely off so the EMT’s explained to me that they were going to have to twist me some to get me out as safely as possible. I cannot even begin to describe the amount of pain I felt while I was being twisted out of the car. My mom said she could hear my screams and, honestly, I can’t even imagine what it was like for my parents to arrive on the scene and just have to stand by and watch everything that was unfolding. Once out of the car I was transported to the ambulance since the helicopter landed a little bit away. The EMT’s began their assessment and tried to help me get as stable as possible for the helicopter. I really only remember being emotionless once in the ambulance because I was so confused on what was wrong and still trying to comprehend what even happened. Once placed in the helicopter I was flown to a trauma hospital about 45 minutes away. It was there that I learned how my life was about to change in more ways than I was prepared for. Sorry to leave you hanging here, but you know the drill…stay tuned for next week to learn about the life altering news I received at the hospital.

To the invincible friend,

Your next breath is never promised and sometimes we all need to be reminded of the gift of life we are given. Is what you are so focused on right now and the path you are going down worth your time? In regards to my initial thoughts of the driver not having time for what I thought she was doing, I pose you this question, do you have time for what you are doing? How many things that you are doing in your life right now is worth your time? Stop giving time to things that are not apart of the greatest plan ever created…God’s plan for your life. I am not saying you will always get it right, shoot, I still don’t get it right all of the time, but I am trying. Aren’t you so thankful for the Lord’s grace in the times we don’t get it right? I encourage you to evaluate yourself and make time for things that are worth your precious time because you never know when your clock will run out. I am right here with you too, learning and growing as I go along so please know you are not alone. I am praying for you and praying for the Lord’s will on your life. Be blessed, friends.

Always, Lauren

4 thoughts on “The Day the Clock Kept Ticking

  1. What an incredible testimony!! You are reaching many and through your testimony lives are being changed!! So proud of you Lauren ❤️


    1. What a horrible experience. Fire depts and EMS stations need to be reminded that they are dealing with real, injured, and disoriented patients. How terrifying for your family to be there watching the drama unfold. And yet, there is that thin red line. The Lord was with you the entire way. What an experience!!


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