A Glimpse Inside…

Hello and welcome to my journal. Here is where you will find the deepest and realist thoughts and experiences I have had over the course of my life. I first started blogging in 2019 after I had went through some of the worst experiences in my entire life. I found writing out my thoughts to be very therapeutic and it offered great healing. Along the way, though, I have encountered person after person who found strength through my stories and used my journey as a way of peace for their own situations. Through young marriage, infertility, adultery, divorce, poor decisions, a near death experience, and finally finding purpose, I have found myself in a new chapter of life. So, I invite you on the journey once more into a new way of life full of stories I hope continue to empower and prove that you can persevere, no matter what you have been through. If you are new around here…I invite you to catch up and start from the beginning because I have found that it makes the new stories that much more empowering.

April 10th, 2021

Let’s start here…my name is Lauren Miller and I am a new wife to the most incredible man, Jonathan. I like to think of him as the Lord’s reward for me for staying faithful through every trial I have experienced. There is a whole blog that you can read on how we met, fell in love, and got engaged–so feel free to indulge in a great love story. I have always longed for the love that we share. Jonathan far exceeds every request in prayer that I prayed for in a husband and I don’t know that he will ever fully understand the depth of my love for him…but I am so blessed to be able to spend my life showing him.

I am a blessed woman and it took me a long time to really see that through the pain that I have experienced. I have the world’s greatest parents and am surrounded by the most dedicated and supportive friends. There really isn’t much more that I could ask for…although I am sure I can think of a few things. It really is all in the Lord’s timing and I will share those things along the way. So jump right in, grab the popcorn, and let’s see what happens in the life of the new Mrs. Miller.

My mother and I
My daddy and I
A few of my gals and best bridesmaids ever!